• Kellii Taylor

Is your child on drugs?

A questionnaire for parents and practical help for the whole family

  1. Is your child aged between 9 and 19? Yes/No

  2. Does your child seem reluctant to do chores/homework? Yes/No

  3. Is your child’s room often untidy and efforts to tidy it seem slapdash? Yes/No

  4. Would your child prefer to spend time playing computer games rather than spending time talking to relatives? Yes/No

  5. Does your child seem tired in the morning and wide awake at night? Yes/No

  6. Does your child enjoy music/movies/tv shows/books/games that you find rubbish? Yes/No

  7. Would your child prefer to eat junk food rather than healthy fruit and vegetables? Yes/No

  8. To your knowledge, is your child using drugs? Yes/No

Answered mainly yes? It’s time to panic! Your child is definitely on drugs and the path to sobriety is hard and terribly expensive. But can you really put a price on your child's life? Please click the link to find solutions and help.

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Answered mainly no? Your child is being abused! Probably by you. If you want help for your child and to ease the guilt you feel, follow the link below before it's too late.

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From the Hair Body, Her Choice Team xx

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