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Our green promise

The Hair Body, Her Choice Eco Commitment

Our Commitment To Our Clients And Our Planet.

Did you know that a plastic bottle takes 3000 years to decompose?

A typical salon uses 600 bottles per month and with 260,000 salons in the United Kingdom alone, that’s a whopping 63 million bottles of shampoo and conditioner every single year.

Here at Hair Body, Her Choice we are committed to help heal the world.

We don’t want our plastic waste to pollute the oceans and streams, and even recycling takes its toll.

30% of all recycling is lost between pick up from you, and delivery to the recycling plant. That flotsam is then left in hedges and greenbelt areas, killing wildlife and changing the microclimate.

The recycling that makes it to the plant, is then subjected to a process that uses more electric than the whole of New York at Christmas.

That’s why, every week, Becky takes all our plastic waste; bottles, bags, chocolate wrappers and she burns it in the incinerator in the back garden.

The icecaps are melting and the water is rising. So here at HBHC we are going above and beyond to help. We use more water than a team of a 100 firefighters extinguishing 1000 forest fires.

Our hair washing station is modelled on a waterfall Kelli! once saw on a meme. With constant flowing water this feature is on day and night, even when closed. 

By coming to Hair Body, Her Choice,  you are helping keep the rain forests healthy, and the oceans and seas clean.

Thank you.

The Hair Body, Her Choice Team xx