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Kelli! Taylor

The #1 hairdresser, beautician, life coach, and spiritualist in Hull.


Meet the Team

Who are we? Shut up! Who are you?!

Kelli! Taylor

Kelli! Taylor

Owner, Senior stylist and life coach, 'Tarot Captain', inspirer

Kelli! Taylor is Hull's No.1 Celebrity Hair Stylist but so much more.

More than you deserve.

To be honest, due to her packed schedule, it's extremely unlikely you'll get treated by Kelli! but she's happy for you to book an appointment.

You can however always be treated to hearing about how busy she is as she'll often walk  in and out of the salon to tell you or anyone or have a loud phone conversation right near your head.

Jackie Price

Trainee Intern and Junior Stylist

JP. Jackie P. Pricey. P-Dogg. J-Pizzle.

Price-oh. Jackso. JackettyDooDah. Jacksamundo. Jackenator. New Jacks City. J-Pizzle. Jack Ya Body. Jackhammer. Jammer. Jaaack Rastafari.

Vincent Pricey. The Bride of Frankenprice. Starship Enterprice. Jesus Price Superstar. Jurassic Price. Man With The Golden Price. Live and Let Price. Pricefinger.

JP Gorgon. Chicken Jackfrezi. Fleetwood Jacks. Misog. Moapy. Misery. Grumpy. Saddo.

Crying Jackie Always Crying.

Psychic Psue

Spiritual advisor, astrologist, and empath

"I only pass on what 'spirit' tells me," is Psue's motto.

Sometimes harsh, often borderline threatening, Kelli!'s psychic advisor brings messages from the spirit world that are invaluable and always 100% accurate.

Sometimes it will feel like they're factually incorrect, but that's simply because you have misinterpreted what Psue said.

For example, 'your dog will die' could simply mean (if you know how to understand these messages) you will get a good Wowcher deal.


Very Professional Services

Cheer up you miserable sod!

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Women’s Haircut

Prices start from £40
(Includes 1 hour wash)


Prices start from £20

Life coaching

Prices start from £75

Spiritualist and Tarot Reading

Starts at £120
(results may vary, no refunds)

hair ext.jpg

Hair Extensions

Prices start at £350
(no refunds)

Vagazzle and waxing

Prices start from £40

A Friendly Atmosphere



Open at times that suit you
(or not!)

Hair Wash

Opening Hours

Visit and transform your pathetic life!

Monday: Closed.

Tuesday: 11am - 12pm

Wednesday: Closed.

Thursday: Hmm, not sure.

Friday: It's Friday! Closed.

Saturday: 11am - 1pm

(not 12-1pm as closed for lunch)

Sunday: Shut up! Idiot.


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